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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Evy's Endorsements...Books Worth Reading

Fathers & Sons: Stand Fast In The Way Of Truth
by Douglas Bond
Fathers & Sons: Hold Fast In A Broken World

by Douglas Bond

I finished reading Stand Fast and Hold Fast and thought to myself, “Is there any subject pertinent to young men that isn’t addressed?” My answer was, “I don’t think so!” It is a straight shooting and hard-hitting book to say the least, but don’t let that deter potential readers. This author draws from literature of days gone by as well as current events to motivate the young man’s walk with God. Hold Fast can’t help but drive the sincere hearted young man toward greater Christian maturity with topics on leaders and servants, culture and art, culture and humanity, truth, lies, death, suffering and heaven. Page after page of pertinent, godly guidance offers fathers and sons a chance to learn what it means to Hold Fast In A Broken World. Each chapter ends with specific prayer resolves, a memory verse, discussion questions and further study options which make it an excellent resource for young men-just read the chapters, or delve in deeper. Also great for an interesting and discussion-provoking family reading or devotional book, or for fathers and sons to read together! May these books inspire many young men to Stand Fast in God's truth and Hold Fast to His righteous ways!

Happy Reading!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Life of Faith Fans

We have finally received our long awaited order for more A Life of Faith books. Things have been busy at Mission City Press as they are shutting down their line of books and dolls. So sad. As a result, our original order was lost. (Completely understandable) By the time we were able to re-do the order, we missed out on the dolls that we had anticipated receiving. We do have a few more book titles in stock. We were not able to get every title, but I hope that everyone is able to complete their collections somehow.

God bless and Merry Christmas,


Monday, December 14, 2009

Evy's Endorsements...Books Worth Reading

Boyhood and Beyond by Bob Schultz
Created For Work by Bob Schultz
Practical Happiness by Bob Schultz

Three of a kind! Bob Schultz turned his own life experiences and his understanding of God’s word into three invaluable and timeless books. Every short and easy to read chapter overflows with godly wisdom for boys and young men and lends itself well to family reading or devotions too. All three books incorporate real, day-to-day life into lessons that will be remembered long after the last chapters are read. We are thankful to have great books reinforcing what we teach our children, giving them opportunities to “hear” God’s truths from other wise people.

Boyhood and Beyond passes on practical wisdom for becoming a man to every boy or young man reading it, touching on so many pertinent subjects of a young man’s life.

Created For Work teaches practical insights for young men through Biblical life lessons on the importance of work while cheering them on to godliness in areas related to work.

Practical Happiness is a young man’s guide for a contented life and provides one insight after another to challenge a young man in his every day walk with God.

Sadly, this author went to be with the Lord in 2008, but I hope these books never goes out of print-they ought to become classics, in my opinion :)

Happy Reading!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Evy's Endorsements...Books Worth Reading

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss

”That book changed my life!” proclaimed my 15-year-old daughter as we talked about Stepping Heavenward, which she reads yearly. Well, there you have it-what greater endorsement can I extend than that? I can’t promise life changes for all young women who read this book, the journal of Kate Mortimer that spans a lifetime, but I would definitely say this book’s honesty and authenticity touches the heart in much needed ways. It ought to not only live on every girl’s bookshelf, but should be read repeatedly as life goes on. Women of all ages will benefit from the realistic journey of Stepping Heavenward, portraying a woman’s everyday life from girlhood on. For anyone who has ever had a sense of “is this all there is to life,” for one who has thought “but I am not growing in my walk with God” or for those who ponder “will I ever be the person I so very much desire to be”…this special book will encourage, motivate, and urge you onward, helping you to continue Stepping Heavenward.

P.S. Both of my daughters name this one of their favorite books and I LOVE this book too.

Happy Reading!


Evy's Endorsements...Books Worth Reading

Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally

I am sure most of us would agree that what happens Before You Meet Prince Charming impacts how the happily ever after part of life goes. In today’s world, with the dating game not only rampant and acceptable but also encouraged for younger and younger girls, our daughters need inspiration for godliness in preparing for that Prince Charming. Parents (or mentors/friends/ family) interested in imparting the wisdom of an emotionally pure and set apart life for their girls will want to read this book to their daughters long before they are sixteen and long before they are influenced by the world’s ideas of boy/girl relationships. Girls-read this book to discover and then ponder the principles of 1) embracing and loving the protection of your parents rather than just tolerating it, 2) shining brightly to change the world rather than attempting to fit in 3) preparing for marriage by serving the Lord where He has you today and more! Before You Meet Prince Charming provides Bible based insight and down to earth advice to help young women navigate through life until God sends their Prince Charming along.

You'll find this book unique, in that books on romance and purity that are discreet and appropriate even for younger girls (by steering clear of unnecessary details) are rare!

Happy Reading!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Evy's Endorsements...Books Worth Reading

Upgrade by Kevin Swanson

Upgrade your grasp on education, with this fantastic book on ten essential keys to the best education for your child! By clearly presenting factors that produce a quality education, Upgrade offers insight, help and hope to every parent and teacher. In this vitally important book the author connects the dots between preparing a child for life as well as for eternity, while helping readers gain understanding on the indispensable aspects of educating children. Parents and teachers alike, don’t we need all the help we can get in educating our children for God’s glory, whether we home school or not? Upgrade ranks in the top twenty-five best books I’ve ever read!

Extra thought…This book provides an excellent resource for someone who wonders about home schooling or the goals of a godly education for children. When I got done reading Upgrade, I thought, “Wow, this book formulates and consolidates our family thoughts and beliefs on preparing our children for life and for eternity perfectly-it says it all!” This author put into words things I had long thought about (as well as some things I didn't fully understand), but had not yet pulled all together. THANKS, Kevin Swanson, for a truly incredible book!

Happy Reading!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Evy's Endorsements...Books Worth Reading

Everyday Talk by John A. Younts

Everyday Talk presents clear, gospel at the core teaching that promises to impact your parenting greatly. Some books I read just give me a deep sense of "aha" and Everyday Talk did just that. An easy to read style, the appealing way the author sets forth the Biblical concepts of everyday conversations and descriptions of how all that looks in REAL LIFE encouraged my heart a heap! This is a do-able can read it and directly put into action any of the heartening lessons today, with the goal of making them all part of your life. Chapter titles include Your Children and the Gospel, Don't Be Ordinary, Your Home Is God's Greenhouse, The World: The Grand Deception and more. Each one addresses specific areas of every day talk as well as how to understand and implement these thought provoking truth in daily parenting. The short chapters followed by excellent application questions and written with a wonderfully conversational approach, instruct on how God wants us to talk of Him every day and how the influence of Everyday Talk with our children works.

Happy Reading!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Evy's Endorsements....Books Worth Reading

Hostage Lands by Douglas Bond

Question: What book should I get for the young men on my Christmas list?
Answer: Hostage Lands, by Douglas Bond!

Excitement, intrigue, danger and thrills. History comes alive one day, changing the life of an average but rather bored 15 year old in modern day England (who deems Latin the dreariest of all school topics!) when his all terrain vehicle…oh wait, better not tell the whole story. Great reading for boys of all ages as well as for family story time-even young ladies and grandpas will be drawn into Hostage Lands, and may find it impossible to put down.

This books rates high as a super Christmas present for the boys and young men on the Christmas list. Hostage Lands brought excitement and anticipation to our daily family reading time-it was all we could do not to holler and protest, or to tie daddy to the reading chair nightly to force him into reading longer! Each day passed with yet more anticipation as we waited, waited and waited for daddy to come home from work and continue reading the next chapters. While the topic of battles and wars appeals to boys and young men, this historical fiction grabs the interest of readers of all ages (yep, even the girls).

Hint…. Parents, sometimes your children need suggestions for gifts to give a brother for Christmas-this fits the bill!

(In the interest of full disclosure, the antiquated word for donkey gets used once in a soldier’s conversation.)

Happy reading!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Introducing Evy and Evy's Endorsements

Many hands make for light work. Or in this case, an extra set of eyes makes for double the book reviews or should I say triple! We are pleased to introduce Evy who loves to read and read and read and better yet is great at finding those gems of books that are worth recommending. We are so excited to have her on-board with Books on the Path. Thanks for joining us, Evy!

Below is her personal introduction.

As the wife of one wonderful husband and mother to three great children (ages almost 14, 15 and 16), God gives me many, many areas of life to grow in, to work on and to change, as I daily strive to live my life for His glory. Since I love reading, I enjoy combining my life’s learning with my reading. What a great way to “see” the world, “experience” cultures, “discover” treasure, “encounter” people, to “know” issues, all without even leaving my house, and what a marvelous way to gain an understanding of life. Among the many blessings in our home is a special room…a LIBRARY! I dream of having floor to ceiling shelves completely covering all the walls when I grow up :) My current reading, a stack of books on my bedside windowsill, grows ever higher- my daughter recently suggested that I move the stack elsewhere, lest I be hampered in using my window as a fire escape (no plans to need it for that purpose any time soon, I informed her!).

Best Ever Book
The Bible, my unrivaled, best ever, favorite Book in the world, recently made a modern appearance into my life. Though our family has listened to Alexander Scourby’s non-dramatized CDs of the Bible for years, my husband’s gift of putting that on my cell phone (yep, my lack of love for technology does have a few fickle loopholes!) made my day as the best birthday present ever. I can’t begin to tell you how great it is to have this at my fingertips for my half hour daily walk, and for my get-ready time each morning! I would highly encourage young and old to have an audio version of the Bible available for daily use and to devote some of the mind’s “free time” to listening to God’s Word. Grandparents, parents and children alike often have all sorts of audio/media input daily-grow a love of God’s own words any way you can, by reading the Bible or listening to it!

Book Lists
After the Bible, on the list of “books I love,” comes…well, now that’s the debate in my own mind :) What comes next? What are my favorites? And how do I determine which are greatest? How do I rate and rank them, when I say, “Oh, that was THE best book on marriage” and no sooner have I said that, than another great book comes my way? Or, I can be heard saying, “WOW, that has GOT to be the most wonderfully encouraging book on parenting!” only to read the next book and find that it rivals the prior one!

Hence, my list making remains a yet unfinished and an ongoing project. In spite of the incompleteness of my “list” I can share which ones I like very much, which ones at least tie (or triple tie??? laugh!) for first place, which ones I think are so good that everyone should read them and which I think ought to be required reading for various stages in life. The “must read” lists include several categories, from “every human should read them” to “all young women should read them,” “every wife should read them” and so on. I imagine I shall come up with more ways of grouping them as time goes on-I can’t wait to see what my final list looks like someday :)

Happy reading!


Check back soon for Evy's Endorsements....Books Worth Reading

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Life of Faith Fans

Mission City Press is closing its doors.  If you are looking for some of their books to finish up your collection, now is the time to find them.  We just placed an order with them to beef up our inventory.  So, check back in a couple of weeks to see if we have what you are looking for.  We even purchased a few remaining dolls.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim's Progress

I know this a classic, but I have never read this book before.  So, my oldest was getting intrigued by the first few pages last night. It has become our new nightly bedtime story for all three of our brown-eyed girls.  Usually our younger two have their bedtime story without big sister there, but she has been cuddling up with our 3 year old listening in.  The challenge has been being patient with the many questions our littlest and almost 6 year old keep coming up with, while Sienna and I want to keep reading the next line.  You know the in-depth questions of , "Why is a bird in the bed?", when it is not a bird at all, but a profile of Christian sleeping with his head turned sideways.  That gave us a chuckle.  His face apparently looked like a beak to one of my girls.

The pictures have really been enjoyable, not to mention the great allegory that it is teaching.  It reminds me of the style of The Giant Killer.  No wonder I am enjoying it so much!  When we are all done, we will watch the movie version of Dangerous Journey.  Now, I will finally know what people are talking about when they refer to Pilgrim's Progress and so will my children.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Over the weekend, we were able to spend some quality time with some new friends of ours.  They operate a retreat center called Peniel Ranch.  While we gleaned a lot of wisdom from them and I could go on an on, one conversation that sticks out at the moment involved what we allow our kids to be entertained by.  We were discussing different books and the analogy was given with dessert.  If we are always allowing dessert, how will we be able to have our kids enjoy the meat and potatoes.  Their children are reading such books as Boyhood and Beyond, Before You Meet Prince Charming, Created for Work, Raising Maidens of Virtue, health and wellness books.  They are only 13 and 14 years of age.  Their 8 year old treasures Thoughts for Young Men that a dear friend gave to him.  The neat part is that they are really enjoying them and excited to share what they are learning.  It really made me think about unspoiling my kids from mostly consuming "fun" books and getting those life-changing books in front of them most often instead of the opposite approach.  This same principal definitely can apply to the movies we watch.  They gave the example of how their kids enjoy watching the Moody Science videos, which are incredible.  If they had been watching all the Disney movies or any such type of movies or tv all the time, how in the world would they get them to enjoy a science video?

It is great to be around people who inspire you to new levels and make you think about things that had never crossed your mind in such a way before.  God is so good to bless us with people in our lives like this.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Let's Get the Truth Out There

I saw this quote over the weekend, "Truth may not be popular, but truth is always right."

Let's help get the truth out there to combat the flood of Darwinism that will be appearing to celebrate the anniversary of his evolutionary book. I received this email today and wanted to pass it on.

This is a huge week in the war of the worldviews between biblical Christianity and Darwinism. The enemies of the Christian family and the biblical account of human origins are ramping up their efforts. We are about to see the largest pro-Darwinism media assault in history as the world prepares for the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species. In fact, this morning the New York Times ran a front page story on Darwin and the Galápagos. Over the last week, there has been a spate of television broadcasts and news stories preparing people for the new films, conferences, television broadcasts, and events directing citizens of the world to honor Charles Darwin.

At Vision Forum Ministries, we are exceedingly grateful for the unique opportunity that the Lord has given us to tackle the great idolatry of our age and to raise the standard of Jesus Christ in a timely and creative way through our new feature documentary, The Mysterious Islands. Everything is coming together beautifully. This weekend I watched a rough cut of more than 50% of the film. The power of the message and the beauty of the cinematography was stunning.

I am writing to ask you to seriously commit to praying for Vision Forum Ministries and our filmmakers as we scramble to put the final touches on this film. We truly need the favor of the Lord at this time. It’s going to be an intense rush to the finish line, but I have every confidence that we will make it and do so with excellence.

There is another reason I am writing. In the providence of God, the Lord has kindly sent us a donor who has made a $50,000 challenge to help us raise the necessary funds to complete our film and have the maximum impact getting it out in the culture. If we are able to raise $25,000 in the next seven days, he will match that amount with his own $25,000.

Let me explain why that is important: It is one thing to make a great film that proclaims the glory of the God of creation, but it is another thing to be able to take advantage of a unique moment in time to multiply our efforts and influence many fold. God has given us that moment in time. Now we need the resources to multiply the power and impact of this film. Here are some of the things that would help us accomplish this goal:

Having sufficient capital to enable us to complete the film with all the necessary bells and whistles in tip-top excellence.

Being able to hire a publicist to multiply our efforts with the press, which would significantly help in getting a number of important print articles published and give us access to important radio and television opportunities.

Providing screenings of the films in key cities around the country, thus exposing it to tens of thousands and creating a media event that brings attention to the biblical message of creation. (If possible, we want to screen the film at the same locations where the Darwinists are holding their international conventions.)

It has also been suggested to us that we consider a creative billboard strategy in key locations around the country.

Click here to help support The Mysterious Islands project

Time is of the essence for us. We do not want to presume upon the Lord's provision, but we do want to be bold for the Lord. As God provides, we will be taking immediate action. The specific number we hope to raise is $100,000. The $50,000 matching grant offer brings us a significant way toward this goal. If you believe in this mission, then I would welcome your consideration to help us meet this generous matching grant.

Thank you again for your love for Vision Forum Ministries. We earnestly desire your prayers at this time.


Doug Phillips

President, Vision Forum Ministries

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Daughter

I am proud to introduce my 11 year old daughter who is better at blogging than I am.  I am so excited that she enjoys reading books and then tellling me all about them.  Her nickname is drama girl.  That title needs no explanation.  I love her so much!

Elsie's Endless Wait


I am 11 years old. My parents nicknamed me drama girl. This is my first post for our business.

This was my first time reading A Life Of Faith book and it won't be my last!! It was so good that I wanted to go to bed so I could read!!!! I'm on the first book of Elsie and can't wait to see what happens in the next ones. I think these would be great for girls of any age or for moms and daughters to read together. It has a family tree in the front so you know who is who so it's not hard to figure out. Because with some books I read I'm like who is this? Or how old are they and stuff like that, so it was nice to have the background in the beginning.

Elsie is nine years old and she has never seen her mom and dad before. But when her dad does come home, she fears that he doesn't love her. She has a hard time fitting in with her extended relatives. Elsie knows God, but her relatives don't have a very good relationship with God and she is kind of the only one. This plot grabbed my attention right away. I went through our inventory tonight to see how many more Life of Faith books we have and I can't wait until I am on to the next ones! I looked on the back of each book to see what I have to look forward to!

So I hope you will take a look at them and here is a comment that was in the front of the book.

Kelly, age 11
The books helped me get deeper in my faith, and helped me deal with everyday problems. I feel if I didn't have the books, I wouldn't be half as close to God.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Courage to Flee: Living a Moral Life in an Immoral World

by Dr. Jefffrey A. Klick

It seems the divorce rate among Christians is not all that different from the world. Those in the ministry are caught in affairs or pornography. Marriages are dissolving left and right. They didn't just wake up one day deciding to run off with their secretary or co-worker. No. Small decisions were made long ago that brought them to where they are today. Steps that were unnoticed or "innocent" in the beginning. This book is a must read for every Christian. If we can stop ourselves from taking one step down the wrong path, we will be saving ourselves and others a lot of hardship and grief. Such practial insights are in this book. It is a great teaching tool for our sons and daughters, ourselves, and all those around us.

What Others Are Saying:

“Whether you are single, dating, courting, engaged, married, or parenting, Courage to Flee should be a book in your library.”  - The Courtship Connection

“Most of us don’t have the time, money, or desire to wade through a stack or relational/purity books looking for a few diamonds in the rough. So where do you even start? Well, I believe that Dr. Klick’s Courage to Flee: Living a Moral Life in an Immoral World is an excellent starting point for anyone desiring to bring their love lives under Christ’s control.” - The Hebrews 5:14 Blog

“When you shared real life illustrations, it was powerful and impacting” “Outstanding book” “Thanks for already making an impact and perhaps saving a brother from a stumble or a fall!”  - Glenn Miller- Miller Management Systems

“Pastor Jeff Klick, author of a new book, "Courage to Flee," provides some helpful wisdom and hope to those who are in the spiritual battle of their lives.” - Generations Radio

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meet Sugar

Our 3 year old kept saying recently how she wanted a dog. I kept telling her to pray and ask God to bring us the right dog for our family.

Yesterday my husband and I thought it would be fun to go to the animal shelter and "look" at dogs. Well, our daughter has had her prayer answered already. We have found the perfect dog for our family. What won us over immediately was how sweet and loving she was and how calm. She put her two front paws up on me as if to say, "Will you love me?" We came up with her name this morning. Sugar because she is so sweet. Have you ever heard the saying, "Give me some sugar"? It means give me some love. She loves to be loved and give kisses. Her name suits her, I'd say.

We are amazed at how God delights in answering above and beyond even the littlest prayer. He loves to bless us. He even gave us a dog that could care less about our cat. Our cat loves to make friends and they both slept in our room last night a few feet apart. We were just hoping they would tolerate each other, but I think they will make great companions.

Here are a couple of pictures of our sweet Sugar.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Princess and the Kiss

The Princess and the Kiss is a book that I stumbled upon at the library years ago and wanted to buy someday for our home library.  Then one day at a homeschool curriculum sale, I spotted it at a booth and bought it.  And you know what?  It was Books on the Path.  I was so excited to find the book.  Now we are Books on the Path and we sell it and it's companion devotional Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss.  It is fun to look back at things that happen like that.

This book is a story of God's gift of Purity for girls.  I was so happy to see such a book at a public library.  I don't know if they still carry it these days.  I hope so.

If you want a similar book for boys, we have The Squire and the Scroll and it's companion devotional Life Lessons from the Squire and the Scroll.

Here is the author's testimony from The Princess and the Kiss...

"I Asked God how I could teach my young daughters the value of their purity, how I could begin in their early years to stress the importance and beauty of saving themselves for marriage.  This is God's poignant answer.  My prayer is that this simple story will fulfill the same purpose for many other loving parents."
--Jennie Bishop, author

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Training Hearts Teaching Minds

We have begun reading Training hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade as a devotional with our 11 year old daughter. We have wanted to teach the foundations of our Christian faith with our children. This book is a great start for our family because it is easy to read and the lessons are short, which makes it easy to be consistent everyday. If you miss a day, it is easy to catch up as well. (We know this from experience...oops we missed our devotion yesterday!)

We have found basic doctrine can take a backseat in weekly church services, and we have realized (thanks to the Lord for showing us) that it is our responsibility as parents to teach these truths to our children. These foundations are a good refresher for my husband and I as well. We want to have answers when others ask why we believe what we believe.

Here is a sample page if you would like to see what a lesson looks like:

Here is another review.

"Most devotionals our family have tried are either too long, too short, or too shallow. This one is the only one we've tried that seems to be just right. As a father, I am commanded to be the spiritual leader of the home. This book has given me a good framework that I can use to teach my kids. I don't want to hand over that responsibility to my church, and have felt guilty in the past for passing the buck over to my wife to do so. No longer! This book has given me exactly what I need to teach the basics of the Christian faith to my family. I recommend it highly! We started it about 7 weeks ago and have been consistent with each lesson ever since. We have 5 children aged 11 down to 3 and all of them enjoy this devotion. We all look forward to Bible time at night now instead of the obligatory check list mentality we've had in the past. I've felt more like the spiritual leader I am supposed to be than ever before. Do yourself and family a favor, buy and use this book!"
Reviewed by B. A. (Colorado Springs, CO), June 02, 2007

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Giant Killer

We will break through the web of Sloth, struggle out of the pit of Selfishness, choke up the fount of Anger, flee the secret lurking-place of Untruth, and triumph over our most malicious enemy—Pride.

The Giant Killer, written in 1856, is a great book to use as a read-aloud to your children. In fact, it would make a great family devotional tool.

The book starts off introducing a nice family with 3 children. Two spoiled brothers end up coming to live with this family for awhile. While you might think the book would focus on all the faults of these two rascals, it goes much deeper in teaching the "good" kids to look at themselves and see the areas they are lacking in, especially once their world is not as they are used to.

The giant killer part enters in when the mother uses stories to teach the children about conquering Giant Sloth or Giant Untruth. Our middle daughter loves hearing about the giants. She is only 5 1/2, but would listen intently. I know that much of the allegory is over her head still, but we will reread this book when she is older.

Here is another review:

"The Giant Killer takes the reader back to a time before auto-mobiles. It is a time of horse drawn carriages and Church every Sunday. The story is about a family which must adjust to the new arrival of two spoilt boys, who arrive at the outset of the tale. The mother of the house reads to the children the tale of "The Giant Killer" over a couple of weeks. In-between readings the children are inspired to inspect their responsibilities to family, community and God; and how to get along with each other. This is a great book to start introducing children to Biblical values and wisdom. 5-10 year olds "
-----by J.P.

This is one of those classics that will have a permanent spot in our bookcase. If you'd like to own a copy, please click here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our First Post

Well, it is official. We are the new owners of Books on the Path. This is truly a dream come true for us. We have desired a family-based business for a long time, but never knew exactly what it would be. About 9 months ago, our desire for an online business was really growing. April was reading books on the topic, but feeling puzzled as to why she was reading them. So, she tucked all the info she'd learned away to see if God had plans for it someday. As we had no clue what online business we would do.

Then all of a sudden we wanted to attend the Christian Heritage Conference in WA. We hadn't been to a homeschool conference in years, but God was leading our steps unbeknownst to us. We learned so much on the topic of family discipleship and really being active in discipling our children firsthand. After the conference, April was looking up more information on family discipleship and stumbled upon Books on the Path's website. For Sale? I wonder where the owners live? Well, out of the whole United States, they were 45 minutes from our home. We met with the owners, took time to pray and ....the rest is history.

To bring you up to speed, we have owned the business for less than 3 weeks, attended our first conference last weekend, and have had a whirlwind experience with learning all about websites, shipping, and credit card transactions. Now, we have lots of reading to do in order to acquaint ourselves with the 450+ titles we have! Oh, and we just purchased some new titles we came across at the conference that we are excited to read and hopefully recommend.

Even our 11 year old is on board. She helped with almost every transaction the first day of the conference, and is looking forward to reading and giving us her opinion on some books. She enjoys packaging up orders and doing some data entry. She loves pricing! We had many late nights together when we were getting ready for the conference!

So, check out our website at We have some changes in store, but for now we are just learning the business. The previous owners did a wonderful job with the business and we hope we can carry on the torch of bringing quality books to our customers.