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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Training Hearts Teaching Minds

We have begun reading Training hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade as a devotional with our 11 year old daughter. We have wanted to teach the foundations of our Christian faith with our children. This book is a great start for our family because it is easy to read and the lessons are short, which makes it easy to be consistent everyday. If you miss a day, it is easy to catch up as well. (We know this from experience...oops we missed our devotion yesterday!)

We have found basic doctrine can take a backseat in weekly church services, and we have realized (thanks to the Lord for showing us) that it is our responsibility as parents to teach these truths to our children. These foundations are a good refresher for my husband and I as well. We want to have answers when others ask why we believe what we believe.

Here is a sample page if you would like to see what a lesson looks like:

Here is another review.

"Most devotionals our family have tried are either too long, too short, or too shallow. This one is the only one we've tried that seems to be just right. As a father, I am commanded to be the spiritual leader of the home. This book has given me a good framework that I can use to teach my kids. I don't want to hand over that responsibility to my church, and have felt guilty in the past for passing the buck over to my wife to do so. No longer! This book has given me exactly what I need to teach the basics of the Christian faith to my family. I recommend it highly! We started it about 7 weeks ago and have been consistent with each lesson ever since. We have 5 children aged 11 down to 3 and all of them enjoy this devotion. We all look forward to Bible time at night now instead of the obligatory check list mentality we've had in the past. I've felt more like the spiritual leader I am supposed to be than ever before. Do yourself and family a favor, buy and use this book!"
Reviewed by B. A. (Colorado Springs, CO), June 02, 2007

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