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Friday, December 11, 2009

Evy's Endorsements...Books Worth Reading

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss

”That book changed my life!” proclaimed my 15-year-old daughter as we talked about Stepping Heavenward, which she reads yearly. Well, there you have it-what greater endorsement can I extend than that? I can’t promise life changes for all young women who read this book, the journal of Kate Mortimer that spans a lifetime, but I would definitely say this book’s honesty and authenticity touches the heart in much needed ways. It ought to not only live on every girl’s bookshelf, but should be read repeatedly as life goes on. Women of all ages will benefit from the realistic journey of Stepping Heavenward, portraying a woman’s everyday life from girlhood on. For anyone who has ever had a sense of “is this all there is to life,” for one who has thought “but I am not growing in my walk with God” or for those who ponder “will I ever be the person I so very much desire to be”…this special book will encourage, motivate, and urge you onward, helping you to continue Stepping Heavenward.

P.S. Both of my daughters name this one of their favorite books and I LOVE this book too.

Happy Reading!



Christine said...

This is also a yearly read for me. I look forward to sharing it with my daughter when she is older.

evy said...

Hi Christine,

Oh fun! I haven't come across anyone else yet who also does a yearly read on this, let alone has read it more than once! This year we also listened to Stepping Heavenward (unabridged) on tape. That was a real treat-somehow different, though of course the story was exactly the same- it left me with some new impressions, which happens each time I read it too...I loved LISTENING to it!

Do you have any other books that you read yearly? I'd love to know what they are!



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