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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sale Now Working Properly

There was a glitch in the sale, but now it appears to be working fine on the website.

And thank you to everyone who confirmed that the email is working. It looks back on track.

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!


Books on the Path Store

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Get Books at our Cost!

For a limited time, almost all of our books are 40% off, which is roughly our cost on most items. This is a great time to get Christmas gifts! Spread the word!

Also, if anyone would like to carry on the torch of Books on the Path, please email us. It is a great blessing for many families to have these books available at conferences and online, but we are feeling the need to free up our time (or mostly mom's time :)

So, enjoy the discount and act fast before the titles are all gone! (There are some items we are not allowed to discount per the publisher, so those prices have been raised for the storewide sale, but with the discount are the normal retail price.)

God bless,

Toby, April and our 3 brown-eyed girls!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Books on the Path is For Sale!

Would you like to own a family home business? Consider Books on the Path! If you are interested in any way or know someone who might be, please email With our reduced inventory, we might be right in your price range! Of course, you should love Christ, family, and, of course, books!

God bless,

Toby, April and our 3 brown-eyed girls