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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thoughts on Give Them Grace (authors: Fitzpartick and Thompson)
By Jennie N. 
"When God looks at the justified believer, parent or child, he sees us not only as forgiven (which is great news) but also as obedient and righteous (which ought to amaze and astound us.)" p. 46 Give Them Grace

Give Them Grace by Fitzpatrick and Thompson is filled with truths from God's word applied directly to our parenting. What I didn't expect was that these truths about grace and the righteousness that Jesus gives us would grab hold of me in such a practical way. I think the application of theological concepts to the very immediate and pressing needs of parenting caused me to have a deeper and truer understanding of the sacrifice God made and how that applies to me life.  This book has helped me to see my children as forgiven (if they have trusted Jesus as their rescuer). They need to understand God's grace and how they can walk in that. I am able to now use their (mis)behavior as a way to show them how much they need Jesus and how it's impossible to follow the rules (law) without Him. This also extends to our rule-following children, the ones who often make us proud.

 "Praising [your daughter] for being a "good girl" will breed toxic pride in her heart...she won't recognize her need for a rescuer. She needs to hear that her desire to prove her own worthiness is one of the greatest hindrances to faith that she'll ever face...Tell [her] that she can relax into God's loving embrace and stop thinking that she has to perform in order to get her welcoming Father to love her." p 72 & 73

I grasp now that it's my privilege to explain the gospel over and over and over until the truths seek deep into their souls, while remembering that my parenting will not save my children. Only God can do that.

"We have far too high a view of our ability to shape our children [idolatry] and far too low a view of God's love and trustworthiness...Idolatry, like all sin, is devastating to the soul.  It cuts us off from the comforts of grace, the peace of conscience, and the joy that is to be our strength." p 57

I think the truths contained in this book can bring the joy of the Lord to our parenting in a fresh way.  I pray the Lord will bless your family through this book as it did mine.