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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Evy's Endorsements...Joyfully At Home by Jasmine Baucham


I love books! And, Joyfully at Home  reminded me yet again of exactly why I love good books so much-a great chance to learn about life! Jasmine Baucham offered me a firsthand glimpse of a young woman striving to be Joyfully at Home. Here, in the comfort of my home and at my convenience, I got to know this stay-at-home daughter as she honestly shared her everyday life with me, with it's challenges and struggles, as well as joys and blessings. Some of you might have ample opportunity to see the reality of stay-at-home daughters' lives. On the other hand, others of you may be like my daughters and me, perhaps not knowing any of these young women, or maybe just knowing a few stay home daughters in passing. Joyfully at Home shares a powerfully relevant (and often quite fun and humorous!) perspective, along with great answers to common questions regarding staying at home. I benefited richly from reading her story!

Are you a stay-at-home daughter? If yes, do your friends and family see you Joyfully at Home?
Do you have questions about what stay-at-home daughterhood could look like for you?

Joyfully at Home is a must-read for any young woman (and their mamas too), and definitely a must read...

...if the words "joyfully" and "at home" seem like a contradiction in terms
...if you think "a lazy, directionless attitude" might define your stay-at-home daughterhood
...if "purposefully content" can't readily describe your everyday life
...if the concept of "home as the hub of ministry" doesn't really make sense to you
...if "blessing my family as a godly daughter or sibling" seems like an impossibility
...if you need encouragement to see your home as "a training ground for life ahead"
...if you sense a lack of "confident enthusiasm about home" in your everyday life
...if "a passionately focused pursuit of the Lord's will" while you are at home sounds unattainable
..if you'd like help seeing the connection between "serving the God and staying at home"
...if you feel unprepared to answer questions like "why are you staying at home"

For some young women Joyfully at Home will give gentle encouragement, for others it might present a big old wake up call, while yet others may find this concept entirely new and unusual! If you're a daughter, get reading-you won't regret it, and you'll come away enriched and equipped as a daughter, or maybe even on the road to being Joyfully at Home!

Happy Reading!


P.S. If you are a daughter who might dismiss Joyfully at Home because you think it might condemn you or be too "out there" a concept for you, please reconsider! The author hopes that all daughters will consider staying at home, but she graciously understands that not all young women will pursue it. In Joyfully at Home she presents neither a cookie cutter "how to" book, nor a step by step one-size-fits all plan for young women. Joyfully at Home's pages overflow with encouragement any daughter needs...getting along with parents and siblings while growing in the Lord, learning to focus on others, developing a heart of ministry and service rather than living for everything "me," addressing faulty thinking about life issues, working on attitudes and being purposeful in life before marriage.... Yes, Jasmine Baucham addresses all her topics within the context of stay-at-home daughters; yet I found that what she discusses remains applicable, pertinent and useful in so many ways to any young women.

Mothers, you'll want to read it too-or maybe read it with your daughter-for great insight in guiding and helping your daughter if she has (or needs) a vision to be Joyfully at Home!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Go to the Ant..Scripture Songs for Your Kids

You just never know if a cd you buy is going to "click" with your kids. What a delight when they instantly like the songs and ask to hear it again and again. We found these songs to be creative and catchy and an enjoyment to hear for the whole family, not just for the littlest ones. Our youngest girls particularly like Isabelle is a Pig which speaks of a pretty little girl in ribbons and curls but with a disagreeable attitude. You can dress piggy up but you can't take her out!

Just a quick little review to share a treasure we have enjoyed. Hopefully it blesses your family as well.

To order a copy or two, click here.