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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Evy's Endorsements...Books Worth Reading

Upgrade by Kevin Swanson

Upgrade your grasp on education, with this fantastic book on ten essential keys to the best education for your child! By clearly presenting factors that produce a quality education, Upgrade offers insight, help and hope to every parent and teacher. In this vitally important book the author connects the dots between preparing a child for life as well as for eternity, while helping readers gain understanding on the indispensable aspects of educating children. Parents and teachers alike, don’t we need all the help we can get in educating our children for God’s glory, whether we home school or not? Upgrade ranks in the top twenty-five best books I’ve ever read!

Extra thought…This book provides an excellent resource for someone who wonders about home schooling or the goals of a godly education for children. When I got done reading Upgrade, I thought, “Wow, this book formulates and consolidates our family thoughts and beliefs on preparing our children for life and for eternity perfectly-it says it all!” This author put into words things I had long thought about (as well as some things I didn't fully understand), but had not yet pulled all together. THANKS, Kevin Swanson, for a truly incredible book!

Happy Reading!


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