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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Evy's Endorsements....Books Worth Reading

Hostage Lands by Douglas Bond

Question: What book should I get for the young men on my Christmas list?
Answer: Hostage Lands, by Douglas Bond!

Excitement, intrigue, danger and thrills. History comes alive one day, changing the life of an average but rather bored 15 year old in modern day England (who deems Latin the dreariest of all school topics!) when his all terrain vehicle…oh wait, better not tell the whole story. Great reading for boys of all ages as well as for family story time-even young ladies and grandpas will be drawn into Hostage Lands, and may find it impossible to put down.

This books rates high as a super Christmas present for the boys and young men on the Christmas list. Hostage Lands brought excitement and anticipation to our daily family reading time-it was all we could do not to holler and protest, or to tie daddy to the reading chair nightly to force him into reading longer! Each day passed with yet more anticipation as we waited, waited and waited for daddy to come home from work and continue reading the next chapters. While the topic of battles and wars appeals to boys and young men, this historical fiction grabs the interest of readers of all ages (yep, even the girls).

Hint…. Parents, sometimes your children need suggestions for gifts to give a brother for Christmas-this fits the bill!

(In the interest of full disclosure, the antiquated word for donkey gets used once in a soldier’s conversation.)

Happy reading!


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