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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Introducing Evy and Evy's Endorsements

Many hands make for light work. Or in this case, an extra set of eyes makes for double the book reviews or should I say triple! We are pleased to introduce Evy who loves to read and read and read and better yet is great at finding those gems of books that are worth recommending. We are so excited to have her on-board with Books on the Path. Thanks for joining us, Evy!

Below is her personal introduction.

As the wife of one wonderful husband and mother to three great children (ages almost 14, 15 and 16), God gives me many, many areas of life to grow in, to work on and to change, as I daily strive to live my life for His glory. Since I love reading, I enjoy combining my life’s learning with my reading. What a great way to “see” the world, “experience” cultures, “discover” treasure, “encounter” people, to “know” issues, all without even leaving my house, and what a marvelous way to gain an understanding of life. Among the many blessings in our home is a special room…a LIBRARY! I dream of having floor to ceiling shelves completely covering all the walls when I grow up :) My current reading, a stack of books on my bedside windowsill, grows ever higher- my daughter recently suggested that I move the stack elsewhere, lest I be hampered in using my window as a fire escape (no plans to need it for that purpose any time soon, I informed her!).

Best Ever Book
The Bible, my unrivaled, best ever, favorite Book in the world, recently made a modern appearance into my life. Though our family has listened to Alexander Scourby’s non-dramatized CDs of the Bible for years, my husband’s gift of putting that on my cell phone (yep, my lack of love for technology does have a few fickle loopholes!) made my day as the best birthday present ever. I can’t begin to tell you how great it is to have this at my fingertips for my half hour daily walk, and for my get-ready time each morning! I would highly encourage young and old to have an audio version of the Bible available for daily use and to devote some of the mind’s “free time” to listening to God’s Word. Grandparents, parents and children alike often have all sorts of audio/media input daily-grow a love of God’s own words any way you can, by reading the Bible or listening to it!

Book Lists
After the Bible, on the list of “books I love,” comes…well, now that’s the debate in my own mind :) What comes next? What are my favorites? And how do I determine which are greatest? How do I rate and rank them, when I say, “Oh, that was THE best book on marriage” and no sooner have I said that, than another great book comes my way? Or, I can be heard saying, “WOW, that has GOT to be the most wonderfully encouraging book on parenting!” only to read the next book and find that it rivals the prior one!

Hence, my list making remains a yet unfinished and an ongoing project. In spite of the incompleteness of my “list” I can share which ones I like very much, which ones at least tie (or triple tie??? laugh!) for first place, which ones I think are so good that everyone should read them and which I think ought to be required reading for various stages in life. The “must read” lists include several categories, from “every human should read them” to “all young women should read them,” “every wife should read them” and so on. I imagine I shall come up with more ways of grouping them as time goes on-I can’t wait to see what my final list looks like someday :)

Happy reading!


Check back soon for Evy's Endorsements....Books Worth Reading

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