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Monday, October 5, 2009

Let's Get the Truth Out There

I saw this quote over the weekend, "Truth may not be popular, but truth is always right."

Let's help get the truth out there to combat the flood of Darwinism that will be appearing to celebrate the anniversary of his evolutionary book. I received this email today and wanted to pass it on.

This is a huge week in the war of the worldviews between biblical Christianity and Darwinism. The enemies of the Christian family and the biblical account of human origins are ramping up their efforts. We are about to see the largest pro-Darwinism media assault in history as the world prepares for the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species. In fact, this morning the New York Times ran a front page story on Darwin and the Galápagos. Over the last week, there has been a spate of television broadcasts and news stories preparing people for the new films, conferences, television broadcasts, and events directing citizens of the world to honor Charles Darwin.

At Vision Forum Ministries, we are exceedingly grateful for the unique opportunity that the Lord has given us to tackle the great idolatry of our age and to raise the standard of Jesus Christ in a timely and creative way through our new feature documentary, The Mysterious Islands. Everything is coming together beautifully. This weekend I watched a rough cut of more than 50% of the film. The power of the message and the beauty of the cinematography was stunning.

I am writing to ask you to seriously commit to praying for Vision Forum Ministries and our filmmakers as we scramble to put the final touches on this film. We truly need the favor of the Lord at this time. It’s going to be an intense rush to the finish line, but I have every confidence that we will make it and do so with excellence.

There is another reason I am writing. In the providence of God, the Lord has kindly sent us a donor who has made a $50,000 challenge to help us raise the necessary funds to complete our film and have the maximum impact getting it out in the culture. If we are able to raise $25,000 in the next seven days, he will match that amount with his own $25,000.

Let me explain why that is important: It is one thing to make a great film that proclaims the glory of the God of creation, but it is another thing to be able to take advantage of a unique moment in time to multiply our efforts and influence many fold. God has given us that moment in time. Now we need the resources to multiply the power and impact of this film. Here are some of the things that would help us accomplish this goal:

Having sufficient capital to enable us to complete the film with all the necessary bells and whistles in tip-top excellence.

Being able to hire a publicist to multiply our efforts with the press, which would significantly help in getting a number of important print articles published and give us access to important radio and television opportunities.

Providing screenings of the films in key cities around the country, thus exposing it to tens of thousands and creating a media event that brings attention to the biblical message of creation. (If possible, we want to screen the film at the same locations where the Darwinists are holding their international conventions.)

It has also been suggested to us that we consider a creative billboard strategy in key locations around the country.

Click here to help support The Mysterious Islands project

Time is of the essence for us. We do not want to presume upon the Lord's provision, but we do want to be bold for the Lord. As God provides, we will be taking immediate action. The specific number we hope to raise is $100,000. The $50,000 matching grant offer brings us a significant way toward this goal. If you believe in this mission, then I would welcome your consideration to help us meet this generous matching grant.

Thank you again for your love for Vision Forum Ministries. We earnestly desire your prayers at this time.


Doug Phillips

President, Vision Forum Ministries

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