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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gift Certificates on Sale! One Week Only!

Gift Certificates are 20% off! What a great way to give a gift and save at the same time. If you prefer, buy one for yourself to use later! $50 gift certificates are only $40. Do any $ amount you prefer and save.

We have many new books that will be uploaded onto the site soon. That would be a great time to spend your certificate. Don't feel the pressure to get your homeschooling readers all figured out now. Take your time in deciding next year's focus and then use your certificate. It is like having a sale when you want it.

We have also extended our Faith and Doctrine sale a few more days as the email didn't go out properly and some may have missed the promotion. Everything in this category is 30% off and some more than 80% off.

God bless,
Toby, April and our 3 Brown-Eyed Girls

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