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Monday, April 18, 2011

Against His Will

Another great book by the Castleberry family! This one written by Steve and Susie's daughter, Betsy Castleberry. She did an excellent job drawing me into this story. So much so, that I wanted to stay up late and keep reading each night. I hope she writes another book soon!

I always wondered what was completely meant by "being sent to the Americas" when hearing that term in a movie. I knew it was a punishment, but didn't realize fully how it all played out. In this book Will Lawson, a Scottish rebel, is sent to America as a punishment against the crown of England. He is auctioned off as an indentured servant for seven years. To have your freedom completely gone and become a slave with no rights is hard to swallow for young Will. I have a much clearer picture now of the realities of this punishment now and how it could mean death from just the voyage over in the ship.

Some books are predictable and this one was not. I enjoyed the twists and turns and wholesome story-telling as well as the moral message that "being spiritual is living a whole new life." Keep the books coming, Betsy!

P.S. Will Lawson was a real person. And, in fact, Betsy is Will's great, great, great, great, great-granddaughter. (Another fun tidbit to remember as I read the book.)

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