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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Evy's Endorsments...Books Worth Reading

Thoughts For Young Men by JC Ryle

Young man-call yourself to a higher standard with Thoughts For Young Men.
Parents-call your sons to a higher standard with Thoughts For Young Men.

The Bible speaks specifically to young men (Titus 2:6) and the words of friendly exhortation in this booklet pack a powerful punch, helping the student of Truth fix his eyes on Jesus. Author Ryle points out that young men have the ruinous inequality of strength, disproportionate to their wisdom as he proceeds to address: reasons for exhorting young men, dangers of young men, general counsels to young men, special rules for young men and encouraging conclusions for young men. Thoughts For Young Men, a must read book for young men, can be read and re-read!

Happy Reading!


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