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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Don't Waste Your Life

There is no mystery to the topic of John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life. From his childhood training, significant writers of his education and Scripture he builds a thorough definition of what a wasted life is and is not. The reader will not be able to dismiss this as a vague, “over my head” book.

There were spots that seemed slow, but abruptly therein was a nugget, so thereafter I read with greater caution. His theme reminded me of Paul E. Billheimer’s Don’t Waste Your Sorrows, as both writers passionately plead with the Christian to understand there are great purposes in the every believer’s life, quite beyond their own story. Other Christian writers have sounded a similar call such as Max Lucado and John Eldridge

Below are a few samples from Don’t Waste Your Life I have added to my journal for more reflection:
*Begin to treasure Christ and here gain an aptitude for Joy in Him
*I am Your Treasure and Your Great Reward—embrace all His Promises; more pleasure in His Presence; gladness in the present taste of glory. . .
*Quiet peace along the path He chooses for us with its pain, being satisfied that nothing comes to us in vain
*”I am hungry above all to pass this present test of faith and to have a deep restfulness in the goodness and power of Christ. I am hungry to enjoy His name being esteemed as others see my demeanor, my integrity and give Christ glory. That is a wonder not a wasted life” (p. 149)

Pastor Piper writes of his regularly assessing his own life- thus assuring the reader this is not a new topic for him, and he heeds his own word, a sober subject aligned clearly with the Word. In my view he succeeds in sharpening the vision, and bracing the reader to change course if need be to avoid wasting his life.

(A review by Jane a.k.a. Mom and Grandma)

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