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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marie's Home

by Caroline Austin

This book was one I had no problem reading through quickly. It was set in the time of the French Revolution and when the book was originally published in 1885, only 100 years had passed. While the book does not go into great detail explaining the background of the revolution, it gives you a taste of the times and hardships. We have decided to add this book to our historical fiction category.

There is not necessarily a deep Christian message directly, though trusting in God and thanking the Father for His blessings are mentioned at the right moments. The main moral theme can be summed up well by the publisher...

"In Marie's Home, Marie's father tells her, "If we would find happiness in this world we must go where duty calls, and be loyal and patient even though things seem hard." This concept of doing our duty even when it is difficult is no longer commonly held as a virtue in our society but that does not mean it is any less important for us." --Daniel Mills

When one of my children are ready for this period of history or just need a boost in courage, compassion, self-sacrifice and true nobility, this will be one to pull off the shelf for them to enjoy.

God bless,


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