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Friday, August 13, 2010

Evy's Endorsements....Books Worth Reading!

The homeschooling mom’s number one summer book! Need a fresh perspective to prepare you for the upcoming school year? Or do you need to remind yourself of the life-changing impact of the homeschooling you’ve done thus far? This refreshing book ought to be mandatory summer reading for every homeschool mom :)

The Spiritual Power Of A Mother by Michael Farris recharged and renewed me for our homeschooling journey. Moms will find WONDERFUL, MUCH NEEDED support and encouragement as the author points moms to God in the context of everyday life. Realizing that homeschooling is an incredible discipleship tool, mothers who do so “are sowing the fields that will produce a crop of freedom-loving citizens who are essential if America and the free world are to survive,” the author states. He brings up many issues that concern moms (from clean houses-or not so clean, to hard days, graduation and beyond), helps adjust perspectives and reminds moms of the rewards of homeschooling, as he gives realistic examples from his own family’s 21 years of homeschooling.


Molly said...

Hello! I followed the link on the Proverbs 14 Verse 1 blog to your store site and to the blog here! Great job! This looks like a wonderful resource for Christian material of all shapes, sizes and genres. I told the other blogger I was going to recommend a book I was recently introduced to called "Principle Centered Living" by Rev. Dr. Sheldon E. Williams. It has been such an insightful read, that I've been sharing it all over the place! It focuses on ethical dilemmas we face, and how to tackle those with our faith and values in tact and strong. The book is filled with biblical verses, illustrating the points the author makes with regard to navigating through life and its struggles. I hope you get a change to check out the website and see if it may be another offering for your store. May you be blessed in your endeavors and on your walk.

April said...

Thank you, Molly. We do appreciate recommendations. Thanks for sharing and your encouragement!

Steve Finnell said...

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