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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Wonderful People We Meet

We were told that one of the best things about owning a Christian business like this would be all the wonderful families that we would meet. We have been blown away by the various homeschool families we have met at the conventions this year. Hearing others share their visions for their families, their favorite books that we carry, and their encouragement to us as a family business has been priceless.

Even before we arrived home from the CHOIS convention in Idaho (which we truly enjoyed being a part of), there was an encouraging email from a lady we had met at the convention sharing how much she enjoyed visiting and encouraged us to check out Lamplighters audio dramatizations as we both love their books.

Most recently we were hosted by a wonderful homeschool family in order to attend the OCEAN convention in Portland, OR. This family did not know us, but heard we were looking for a place to stay and offered their home to our whole family and our dog! Our girls had great fun with their children and we enjoyed what little time we had together in wonderful fellowship. You have encouraged us in hospitality to strangers. Thank you for blessing us.

There are more stories like this that I could share, but I will end with sharing an email that we received just yesterday (used by permission, of course.) The amazing part is how God knows just how and when to encourage us. To see His hand in our lives is so reassuring and uplifting.

From Jenny to Books on the Path:

My 7 year old son has a favorite genre--mysteries! I thought we had exhausted all of the wholesome children's mysteries available. After searching our library today, I asked the Lord to provide decent, God-honoring mystery books for him. I was thrilled to receive your email tonight, introducing us to the Farm Family Mystery Series! God has been so faithful to answer the little prayer that I whispered to Him just today in our library.

If you don't mind, I'd like to share one more thing with you...last week at the library, my son found a book from the Clue Jr. series. We hadn't seen this series before, but he and his siblings enjoy playing the older board game--the one where children solve which pet ran off with the missing toy. I was so disappointed with this little book, because the children in these stories blame and accuse each other of the "crimes" at hand. There's no biblical love represented--believing all things, hoping all things. Just right off the bat they accuse their closest friends when something comes up missing. In these stories they need to solve which club member is lying. That's the mystery! No thank you!

I was pleased to read that the Farm Family Mystery series contains positive and loving interaction between its characters. You don't know how much this means to me. We try to be so careful about what we put in front of our little ones. I know that many people call this "sheltering" my children, but I've come to the realization that the word "shelter" is a good Bible word. Never is that word used negatively in Scripture. David cried out for it! It is used to describe our Lord. The Israelites held frequent festivals, building booths or shelters to celebrate God's protecting them in the wilderness. I love knowing that I can provide this same comfort and security to my children--heaven knows they cry out for it, too, only they aren't always willing to admit it. :) I think of our home as a little greenhouse, sheltering and protecting the little buds that sprout up around us. They're simply not ready to be out and among "the elements."

I've loved reading the books that I purchased from you at the Inland Northwest Homeschool Conference. After browsing the conference wares, yours was the only booth from which I purchased books. I brought home with me Housewives Desperate for God (I had been searching for this book for 2 years now), Pocketful of Pinecones (I had been searching for this book for several years, as well; I so enjoyed Mrs. Andreola's, A Charlotte Mason Companion), Hinds Feet on High Places for Children (I've tried for years to order this from CBD, but it's always out of stock), and one of Nancy Wilson's books--its title now eludes me.

I was also thrilled to see the Elsie Dinsmore series on your site. I have 4 year old twin daughters who will most likely enjoy the doll and book series in a few years. I've been somewhat disappointed with the turn that American Girl has taken in recent years with political correctness and promoting the secular agenda of tolerance among the American people. Why can't our little girls just have dolls and read stories about the dolls themselves? Dolls don't need to hold protest rallies. They need to have tea parties!

Thank you for your time. And have a wonderful 4th of July weekend with your 3 brown-eyed girls!


Thank you, Jenny, for taking the time to encourage us. It truly does mean a lot! Thank you to all who have taken the time to visit with us at a conference or correspond through email or quietly purchase a book or two from us or host us in your home for that matter :)

Oh, and we purchased a few of the Lamplighter audio dramas at the OCEAN conference, listened to one and a half on the way home, got home and our 6 year old begged to finish it. We had been driving all day, but we all wanted to hear how it ended, except for our 4 year old who had fallen asleep in the truck. We came in the house, brought in essentials, and had to gather around and listen to the rest of the story. So, as you have probably figured out, we love the audio dramas that were recommended by that one customer and now they will be on our website. (As soon as we can find some time to upload them.)

God bless and thanks for stopping by!

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