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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Evy's Endorsements...Books Worth Reading!~

Mother by Kathleen Norris

Women! Moms! Daughters! Here’s a WONDERFUL book for you! Have you forgotten where joy can be found in the everyday, mundane life of helping children, runny noses, diapers, mounds of laundry and endless cooking? Are you a daughter chaffing at the dull and uninteresting way life seems to be going for you, as you grudgingly help your mother in the daily routine of family life? Is there restlessness in your heart about the unending effort and sacrifice as a wife and mother? Does home making seems so commonplace, the bearing of children so ordinary? Read on, friend, if any of these things have crossed your mind, for you and Mother’s Margaret have some things in common! This wonderful story of a young woman's journey from discontentment to understanding joy in everyday life is tops on my list of great books for women, moms and girls. Margaret sees her godly mother sweetly spending her life for her family, yet perceives it to be slaving away for a husband and family, utter drudgery, being tied down in a servant- like existence as a wife and mother. Walk a ways with her and learn what she learned in this very readable and heartwarming story that could easily change your heart!

Happy Reading!


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